Efficient, high quality line marking services

  • Safety line markings
  • Pallet storage markings
  • Surface preparation
  • Walkway markings

At Delineation line marking in Perth, WA, we pride ourselves on our superior service and being a trusted provider of line marking solutions for warehouses.

Our dedicated professionals are highly experienced and committed to an efficient and friendly work relationship.

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    Highly Durable Paints

    We only use products that meet or exceed Australian Standards. This ensures our work stands the test of time and reduces the need to reapply. It’s just another way we provide you with maximum value long-term.


    Unrivalled Service

    Communication with quality backed workmanship.

    We combine the best machinery, paints, and experienced operators to provide a high standard of road line marking. We back every single job with a workmanship guarantee.

    Quality Line Marking Results

    All our road line markings adhere to and exceed Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA) standards. You can rest assured our materials and workmanship mean you’re in safe hands. Intersection line marking, longitudinal lines, thermoplastic and raised pavement markers. We do it all.

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    What sets us apart is our ability to provide quick, accurate quotes, and response times and minimize disruption to your warehouse operations.

    We understand the importance of time in a warehouse environment, and our team works with you to schedule line marking services outside your business operations.

    To ensure that your warehouse safety line markings are durable and long-lasting. We use only the highest quality line marking materials, the best suppliers, and the latest equipment.

    Additionally, we adhere to safety and health regulations to ensure that your warehouse is a safe and efficient working environment.

    Lines are painted onto a warehouse floor to indicate areas, such as pedestrian walkways, vehicle traffic lanes, storage areas, and hazardous areas.

    Line markings are essential because they help improve the safety, efficiency, and organization of your work area. By clearly indicating different areas and traffic flow, they can prevent accidents, reduce congestion, and improve inventory management for you and your team.

    Some standard colours include yellow for caution, red for danger or emergency, and green for safety.

    Different methods, such as painting or stencils, can be used to apply them. The technique used will depend on the surface type, the required durability, and the desired appearance.

    The lifespan of warehouse line markings can vary depending on the type of marking and the level of wear and tear they receive. Painted markings, in general, can last up to several years.

    Yes, you can remove or change warehouse line markings if required. Removing painted markings may require grinding, which can be costly.

    When planning, it is essential to consider the specific needs and activities of the warehouse, the type and amount of traffic flow, and any safety or regulatory requirements.

    We can assist you during our workplace visit to provide a quote and ensure that the markings are designed and applied correctly. However, it is ideal to have a good idea about current workflows before contacting us as you know your workplace better than anyone else.